Digital marketing is the emerging means of publicity and marketing in the corporate world. People and firms are trying new and innovative strategies for making themselves more popular and get them in the public eye by using various types of tools as well. Very common is the use of social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter and analytics tools such as Google Analytics are also very helpful. People belonging to the publicity department can come up with campaign strategies and test them with these tools to measure the efficiency and effect on the market.

Social Media

The first and foremost idea of digital marketing starts with your average social media websites like Facebook or Instagram which informally bring attention to the product that they wish to sell. These platforms provide the option to add some extension to support marketing and Facebook ads manager is one of those. Other tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are also used to post at certain time intervals while marketing in social media.


Marketing is solely dependent on how well you advertise your products to the audience and the ads and posts should be thus efficiently designed. The great graphic design is invariably the best tool and a software like Photoshop is sure to give the desired effects that convey the feelings of the campaign properly. Images and visual can be blended so naturally that it goes hand in hand with the ideas of the business.


Analytics tools are also essential in making a digital marketing strategy’s foundation stand. Google Analytics is one such tool which tracks the statistics of the web traffic in a website with plenty other tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. These also provide data which helps the marketing people make their campaigns very focused and efficient using engagement statistics. Tools like Periscope offer a different type of track which focuses on the backend of the site.

Content marketing

Two very useful tools called CoSchedule and Hubspot are supposed to be used for the departments who focus and think about content marketing. Content is not only created but also Curated using the two tools. The motive is to create content that touches the readers and the audience develops an interest for what they have to offer and content marketing tools identify opportunities where such content would be necessary and they work on producing such content. Buffer generates the topics which the target fan base is talking and discussing and later content is formulated based on that data which in turn is sure to grab their attention.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the final arrows in the quiver of a person concerned with digital marketing. Email campaigns can be created to try and engage more users with the brand using better content circulations. MailChimp and Iterable are tools which help to build a list of people to mail and provide analytics as well. Testing and enhancing the operations becomes much simpler and easier once that happens.


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